[Noisebridge-discuss] Thu 6/18: Join me at Sandstorm meetup & learn about app permissions and self-hosted web apps

Asheesh Laroia noisebridge at asheesh.org
Fri Jun 12 17:50:53 UTC 2015

Hi fellow Noisebridge peeps,

Have you considered running your own server with open source web apps, but
shied away from it for fear of maintenance & security burden? If so, you
might like to hear about Sandstorm, an open source project I work on, which
alleviates a lot of that. Come to our next meetup, Thu 6/18:

This meetup features a talk about the Sandstorm app permissions & sharing
model (which for security nerds, is based on object-capability security) by
David Renshaw.

And either way, try the demo here: http://demo.sandstorm.io/

(If you can't make it to the event, sign up at the RSVP link to receive
notifications of other events.)

Sandstorm is an open source package manager for web apps, and it runs on
Linux systems. It makes it easy to start up Etherpad (or any other packaged
app) with a click. You can read more + try the demo here:

Security-wise, it takes the Google Docs sharing model and applies it to
entire app instances, resulting in web apps that are private by default,
insulating you from app bugs. Usability-wise, Sandstorm takes 120 seconds
to install, and it automatically updates itself.

I'm on the Sandstorm team, and we have a meetup at 6 PM in SF on Thu 6/18:

After the intro talk, enjoy your choice of hands-on "install Sandstorm on a
server" session, or hands-on "how to package apps for Sandstorm," or
socialize. Any web app that runs on Linux can work on Sandstorm.

I realize it conflicts with 5MoF; sorry about that, I didn't realize that
until after I scheduled the event.

-- Asheesh.

P.S. More on our security hardening of apps here:

P.P.S. I'm also sending a note like this to SF-LUG and BALUG-Talk;
semi-sorry if you see it twice.

P.P.P.S. I won't send all future Sandstorm updates to noisebridge-discuss,
but I figure sending one is OK.
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