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I'm forwarding this from the Announce email list, where it was posted by accident.
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I will be bringing approximately 12 middle schools students on a field trip to Noisebridge on July 8th from 1-3PM to learn to solder and to learn about Noisebridge.The students will be attending a summer camp I'm teaching all week at Children's Day School around
 electrics and circuitry.  They'll be learning the basics of circuitry by making paper circuits, soft circuits and eventually hacking a toy.  The field trip to Noisebridge will teach them the basics of soldering with J leading the session and then also let them know that Noisebridge is a place where they can come to work further on projects.The event date is Wednesday, July 8th from 1-3PM
The event location is Noisebridge, 2169 Mission Street, San Francisco.

My contact info is jericountryman at yahoo dot com.  		 	   		  
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