[Noisebridge-discuss] Internet Ungovernance Forum Brazil

Spider Wagner Pyter wagnerpyter at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 17:27:27 UTC 2015


The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) will be held in João Pessoa
between 9 and 13 November of 2015. Interested parties all around the
world the event. We understand that at IGF the most urgent issues of
the Internet are not given proper attention. The event's shape
priviledges governments and corporations, main perpetrators of many
internet problems, which hold enormous representation at IGF (much
further than deserved). Given these circumstances, we decided to take
action to defend the Internet as we know it and make room to raise the
voices of civil society initiatives, activists and common people, in a
parallel forum.

We are organizing the Internet Ungovernance Forum (IUF) for everyone
who demand that free speech, transparency, privacy and web neutrality
remaining as building blocks of the internet. Our objective is to talk
about the real problems of the internet, as well as the means to solve
them, tracing a course of action.

In 2014 , the IUF was placed in Turkey and was supported by hacklabs,
independent media, Occupy Movement and initiatives for freedom of
speech and transparency, such as Wikileaks, EFF and Article 19.

We make this invitation to you because we believe that you can
strenghten the resistence feature and the counterpoint we intend to do
through this parallel forum.
Despite having the support of Brazilian PIRATES, the forum will act in
nonpartisan way.

This is our website http://iuf.partidopirata.org (english version

We look forward to your support , with the addition of your logo at
the supporters list on the website, or active participation in the
construction of the event, if there is interest, with disclosure,
lectures, infrastructure, finance or otherwise . We accept all forms
of cooperation and suggestions are welcome ! :)

We want to reclaim the Internet as a fundamental piece of our
societies, cities, education, health, work, media, communications,
culture and everyday activities.

We call on all those who are interested in participate to resist the
sight of internet problems as solely technological, excluding the
effects of its materiality.

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