[Noisebridge-discuss] Javascript, Spanish Workshop, Network with Mexico City hackerspace

Eric Hulburd ehulburd at gmail.com
Fri May 1 01:09:30 UTC 2015


I'm visiting San Francisco this month and I'm working out of Noisebridge
(originally from SF).

I've been living in Mexico City and have been doing some workshops at a
hackerspace down there - Rancho Electrico <http://ranchoelectronico.org/>.

It would be rad to create some connections between the spaces. If anyone is
interested in:

   - helping me with the javascript workshops by leading the workshops
   online w/ google hangout, skype or whatever you prefer (there's definitely
   a desire to learn to code, availability of skilled programmers willing to
   spend time teaching is a limitation),
   - want to learn spanish and would be interested in organizing a spanish
   language workshop,
   - are interested in what role internet and tech freedom can play in
   fighting corruption on both sides of the border

contact me.


Eric Hulburd

Oroeco.com <http://www.oroeco.com/>
Twitter: @oyecalifornia <https://twitter.com/oyecalifornia>
Ciudad de México
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