[Noisebridge-discuss] 5mof speakers + Danny O'Brient

Josh Juran jjuran at gmail.com
Sun May 3 07:18:30 UTC 2015

On May 2, 2015, at 6:30 PM, Torrie Fischer <tdfischer at hackerbots.net> wrote:

> I still only have one person written down for this month's 5mof. If you'd like 
> to give a 5 minute talk about anything, literally anything at all, hit me up 
> with an email :)

Where and when is it?  Are there limits on how long talks are allowed to run?  Guidelines on topics?  Will there be recording and/or livestreaming of talks?

> The Infamous Danny O'Brien has agreed to host this one as a clown. Of his own 
> free will. I'm serious.

I suppose an individual is, in an anarchic sense, free to disregard zir contractual obligations.  In any case, Danny auctioned off this perk at 5MoF in February in exchange for a donation to Noisebridge.


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