[Noisebridge-discuss] Intro to Hardware Hacking Class - This Monday 5/11 6pm

Zach R organicunity at hotmail.com
Wed May 6 08:53:37 UTC 2015

Hey all,
  So I hope the Church classroom is available monday (nothing on the wiki) cause I would LOVE to finally teach another hardware class!  
This is going to be an intermediate class for those that have already taken Mitch's class or have previous soldering knowledge.  I am not going to teach soldering but will go into circuit board components, schematics, etc.   Here are some ideas I have to teach about:

Schematics and Datasheets 101: How to Draw Your Own Schematics and Design Circuits Yourself!
Electrical Components 101: Learn about capacitors, resistors, diodes, etc.
Simple repairs & Hacks

also we could learn about datasheets, diy audio sound systems, and other ideas I have.  but having these basics down will help a LOT for future classes covering more!

as always, you will get 100000 college credits for attending my classes.  There will be a detailed rubric for climbing the social later at the beginning of each seminar..

...heheh ok not but let's have some fun!  I'll bring broken things we can hack and other cool stuff.  Please bring:
1) Notepad with pen (no ipads please)
2) Your imagination
3) A burrito for my stomach (not required but greatly appreciated)

Class starts at 6pm.  RSVP not necessary but helpful so I know how much to bring and setup.

My Website: www.freewebs.com/vgmods
(it gets about 2x updates every 4 years.  I'm not kidding)

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