[Noisebridge-discuss] RIP Fox Lounge

Ceren Ercen ceren at ercen.com
Tue May 12 21:48:18 UTC 2015

I'll actually be back in SF for a short trip this week, working at my
company's (Shapeways) booth at Maker Faire! I will  definitely come by NB,
buy a shirt if they're around, drop tithes into a jar, etc. I saw pictures
from the Stupid Hackathon and things really, really do look great.

Three years out on the Least Coast has left me sadly convinced NYC loses
the foods competition to SF, so all I have to offer y'all is a traditional
running of the BagelTrain, toot toot. So if anyone wants to order a handful
of bagels from Brooklyn Bakery, TELL ME NOW, because I'm compiling orders
into one maximum allowable carry-on filled with probably 95% bagels by
volume. They really do freeze and toast back excellently. I'll also be
transporting spreads, probably in a sealed bag in my main luggage, because
I'm sure cream cheese counts as a "gel". Check bkbagel.com for spreads and
bagel varieties available.

I'd send bagels by pigeon, but well... No coop at NB yet. And my useless
pigeon would probably take one look at a whole bagel, be irrationally
terrified, and promptly fly smash into the nearest wall and/or car.  Welp.
On May 12, 2015 5:00 PM, "Rubin Abdi" <rubin at starset.net> wrote:

> Hi Ceren. Long time no see! You should come by Noisebridge some night. The
> space has been doing great. No pigeon coop yet though.
> --
> Rubin
> rubin at starset.net
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