[Noisebridge-discuss] Fedora on the 3d printer

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Mon May 18 15:59:09 UTC 2015

The 3d printer computer currently has:

- Default boot to fedora
- replicatorg
- pronterface
- slic3r

You can't actually use pronterface with our flashforge creator, as it turns 
out. The thing seems to not be speaking GCode(????)

That other Prusa, however, still needs a good plastruder built and put 
together for it to work. I'm hoping I'll remember to kick off some prints for 
it this week. Excited to get the RAMBo working with it finally.

If you are terrified of change and want to go back to Ubuntu, mash the down 
arrow key at boot and pick the Ubuntu menu item. Admittedly, I haven't 
actually tested dual booting so I could be talking out of my ass though I've 
got faith that things worked out alright. Models and stuff will get copied over 
from the Ubuntu system to the Fedora system "soon", along with shoving stuff 
into the wiki.

On Sunday, May 17, 2015 05:42:54 PM Torrie Fischer wrote:
> Hi, nerysbridge.
> My last attempt at installing Fedora to the 3d printer was aborted early on
> when the whole system was totally wiped in favor of ubuntu, and left to
> bitrot.
> I'm dual booting fedora and the current ubuntu system on there, and will
> maintain the fedora one for a while, or at the very least make sure its hard
> to fuck with it.
> Can't even count the number of times someone's ran into problems with the
> current setup that has 38572 configurations when someone wants to tweak it
> and ends up ruining the system for everyone who doesn't know to download a
> fresh copy of replicatorg.
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