[Noisebridge-discuss] Anyonw knows how to get some C# program compile and run on Mono ?

Henner Zeller h.zeller at acm.org
Mon May 18 16:34:01 UTC 2015


Noisebridge got a LitePlacer Pick'n place machine kit donated, that we
build up and showed on the Maker Faire on the Liteplacer booth.

Now that it is back at Noisebridge we want to get it to run and make part
of the regular tools maintained and provided by Noisebridge (I might even
give some courses).

The software is libre software, however it is written in C#, which makes it
a bit hard to access for people outside the Windows ecosystem:

I would not want to operate a Windows machine; ideally, the whole software
could just run on a BeagleBone black (or a Pi), running Linux bolted onto
the machine to have a self-contained system.

So for that, we need to get this to run on Linux with Mono, but I am at a
loss how to do that, there are not even Makefiles. It uses some external
libraries, most notably AForge .NET for video processing, so that would
need to be run there as well.

So, if anyone has experience in this kind of thing, let me know and we can
get this thing up and running.


P.S. If you want express your grievance on this thread about how this could
possibly be written in C#: DON'T. This is a donated machine and Noisebridge
is incredibly grateful to have it, even if the software is a bit of a
hurdle initally.

P.P.S Longer term, we might consider other software options, in particular
if this turns out to be a hassle; possibly OpenPnP, or I make rpt2PNP do
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