[Noisebridge-discuss] Anyonw knows how to get some C# program compile and run on Mono ?

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Mon May 18 16:41:57 UTC 2015

FWIW, there is a machine in the space that boots Windows. Its that weird self-
contained monitor HP pile of junk thing that was previously used for RAYC's 
Starcraft. Its in the hack shelves after I cleaned up the 3d printing area. 
Might be a useful tool for comparing between a known-good build system and 
whatever needs put together for a FOSS one.

On Monday, May 18, 2015 09:34:01 AM Henner Zeller wrote:
> Hi,
> Noisebridge got a LitePlacer Pick'n place machine kit donated, that we
> build up and showed on the Maker Faire on the Liteplacer booth.
> Now that it is back at Noisebridge we want to get it to run and make part
> of the regular tools maintained and provided by Noisebridge (I might even
> give some courses).
> The software is libre software, however it is written in C#, which makes it
> a bit hard to access for people outside the Windows ecosystem:
>   https://github.com/jkuusama/LitePlacer
> I would not want to operate a Windows machine; ideally, the whole software
> could just run on a BeagleBone black (or a Pi), running Linux bolted onto
> the machine to have a self-contained system.
> So for that, we need to get this to run on Linux with Mono, but I am at a
> loss how to do that, there are not even Makefiles. It uses some external
> libraries, most notably AForge .NET for video processing, so that would
> need to be run there as well.
> So, if anyone has experience in this kind of thing, let me know and we can
> get this thing up and running.
> -h
> P.S. If you want express your grievance on this thread about how this could
> possibly be written in C#: DON'T. This is a donated machine and Noisebridge
> is incredibly grateful to have it, even if the software is a bit of a
> hurdle initally.
> P.P.S Longer term, we might consider other software options, in particular
> if this turns out to be a hassle; possibly OpenPnP, or I make rpt2PNP do
> vision.

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