[Noisebridge-discuss] Five Minutes of Fame! Tomorrow at 7PM! Come as prepared for surprises as you are unprepared for your own presentation!

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Thu May 21 04:03:50 UTC 2015

Hello Noisebridge discuss and announce,

Due to the terms of a recent National Security Letter which I am not
allowed to reveal that I received or not[1], I am specifically not allowed
to mention that it is Five Minutes of Fame tomorrow (Thursday) at 7PM at

Nor have I been allowed to do any preparation for it, or publicise it in
any way.[2]

HOWEVER, I can reveal that if you were to turn up to such a hypothetical
event, you would be able to either act as an audience member to, or show
off yourself any amazing project, including:

* crazy electrical projects you built at that local hackerspace
* quantum vacuum fluctuation thrusters that you strapped to your fixie
* your weekend plan to map Renormalization Group Theory to ethical
* what poked your eye out at Maker Faire this weekend.

Filibuster until you end mass surveillance (or for five minutes, whichever
comes first)!

Turn up at 6.30PM with your ideas, powerpoints, LaTeX source files or
banjolele or just an open mind. We'll do the rest, where "the rest" may
include forgetting your name when we introduce you, and handing you a beer
as you sit back and enjoy:




[1] This sentence is a warrant canary. In the event that I do receive an
NSL that I am not allowed to mention, the previous sentence (which is a
warrant canary) will become false.
[2] Not actually part of the court order, but a mixture of key personality
flaws, and my statement to the current Noisebridge mafia that "yeah sure
I'll turn up but if you expect me to spend my valuable free time filling in
spreadsheets full of speakers, you're going to need to buy me an even
bigger plate of blackcurrant jelly than this"
[3] I read a Facebook post about this, and I really want to know more about
it. This is actually true.
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