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Mon Nov 2 21:27:46 UTC 2015

This came into secretary at .

maybe a weekend edition of circuit hacking monday could be in order?!


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Subject: Inquiry on potential Saturday field trip
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2015 12:14:14 -0800
From: Melinda Huot <mhuot at jcyc.org>
To: secretary at noisebridge.net

Good Morning Noisebridge!

My name is Melinda Huot & I was exposed to Noisebridge through a couple of
friends who used to use the Darkroom, and my current instructor who said he
went on the field trip with Burton High School students. He let me know
about the possible educational opportunities at Noisebridge, and as the
Program Coordinator for the SF STEM Academy I could not be more thrilled to
hear all the great things you all are doing over there!

A little about our program, the SF STEM Academy's mission is to support
disadvantaged students who are interested in STEM fields but have barriers
to employment and accessing higher education. We currently serve 17 high
school students at International Studies Academy in Potrero Hill.

One aspect of our program is Saturday field trips, I'm interested if
would like to provide any hands on workshops/programs or field trips for
high school youth from grades 9th-12th. Please let me know if you would be
interested in hosting a workshop or visit to Noisebridge.

In community,


Melinda Huot
Program Coordinator, SF STEM Academy

Phone: (415) 229-4686  <(415)+229-4686>
Mobile: (415) 509-9248  <(415)+509-9248>
Email: mhuot at jcyc.org  <mhuot at jcyc.org>
Website: http://www.sfstemacademy.org/  <http://www.sfstemacademy.org/>
Address: 2012 Pine Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

*SF STEM Academy is a youth workforce program of JCYC*

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