[Noisebridge-discuss] Bay Area Renter's Federation @ Noisebridge

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Wed Nov 4 16:00:41 UTC 2015

*swoops in from Oakland*

Hi, Noisebridge.

Housing is a really touchy subject in the bay area, innit?

The Bay Area Renter's Federation is a loosely connected cabal of people who 
want to fix bay area housing by pushing for more supply. This year, San 
Francisco voted overwhelmingly in approval of various pro-supply measures: yes 
on Prop A, D, and K, and no on Prop I.

Its almost like the city that I, a rich white techie girl with an outspoken 
anticapitalist mindset, can't afford to live in has its shit together.

I also know that barely anyone on noisebridge-discuss participates in 
Noisebridge, so I wholly expect to be shouted down and told how much I'm 
literally murdering the homeless by having a pro-supply stance. Yelling NO on 
discuss isn't likely to sway me or the others involved.

What are the feelings of me (or someone approximately me) stewarding a YIMBY 
convention at the Noisebridge in early december, as organized by the BARF?
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