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Garrett Smith dhtmlkitchen at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 18:12:32 UTC 2015

On 11/4/15, Winston Wolff <winstonw at stratolab.com> wrote:
> Regarding the housing crisis, this article was illuminating on our
> government's analysis of the problem is:
> 	https://medium.com/@Scott_Wiener/want-to-know-why-the-bay-area-has-a-housing-crisis-read-this-map-b4d7a56d12f1
> Summary: bay area's regional transportation commission (MTA) estimates 660K
> hosing units will be needed by 2040. To meet that demand, the entire region
> needs to increase housing. Presented is a map of all the cities and when
> they are expected to reach that goal. SF is forecast to reach that goal in
> 2039 (1 year early). San Jose in 2041 (1 year late), Palo Alto in 2069,
> Oakland in 2173 (133 years late).

MTC gets fed grant money for sust dev. Key players in sustainable
development.  Though they don't want you to think of it as such, we're
paying to be packed into cities.  And when you learn about it, they'll
tell you it's a good thing: To stop global warming and reduce/manage
the population.

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