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Well, at least I know people are reading the Discuss now, lol.

   This conversation has been really disturbing to read.  In the 8 years I've been living in SF I've seen some horrible things with displacement.  I've seen baby toys and children's clothes on the streets nightly at some points, with Latino families here in the mission being the first to get swindled and kicked out- via threats, legal action, and direct force.  The black population is now <5% in San Francisco, something truly mind-boggling and sad.  My friends that are people of color are *all* fighting desperately to stay in this city.  All of my friends that are trans-identified have been displaced.  The Lexington bar (2 blocks from NB) which was a local haven for the queer women of this city, had to close its doors this year.  The few queer bars and hangouts left in Bernal Heights near me have all closed.

This is all during a time of massively increased "Housing."

Do people here understand how Gentrification works (or care)?  When *luxury* housing is built unabated it increases property values and changes the demographics of communities.  This in turn gives a HUGE incentive to landlords to evict the people staying in the neighborhood by any means- and let me tell you, that have a lot of means at their disposal (not all of which are legal).  This also changes the job market of the city as stores and businesses catering to working class folks either cannot afford to renew their lease (once it's raised astronomically) or have no more patrons.

Noisebridge itself might very well be a casualty of this local "redevelopment" - we were very, very lucky to be able to renew our lease recently at a semi-affordable rate.  If Maximus succeeds in building its planned 10 million dollar condos / ritzy store front center on 16th & Mission BART plaza, there probably won't be a Noisebridge when the next lease renewal comes.  So it is amazing for me to read here that NB-ers support 100% the building of condos and luxury housing in this area.  Kind of blows my mind.

I'm all for more housing.  Hell yes.  But it needs to be affordable, and that means <$800 a month rent.  and I hope people here realize that to be pro-redevelopment and pro-displacement is to support the siphoning out of queer, black, and latino people from San Francisco.  and of course artists and many other people that are not able to make money from the current tech boom.

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Sorry Torrie, but I just barfed in my mouth a little bit.  The only bright side to this election is that it cost airbnb and maximus inc. spent nearly $1500 per vote on this vs community activists that spent less than $100 on all other ballots aside.  I truly wonder how you can use the label "anti-capitalist" and "supply side" in the same breath.

It also truly pains me to see Noisebridge ultimately going against the neighborhood that it lives in.  Having noisebridge be a center of this type of pro-displacement right wing class politics goes against everything I've put my time and effort into build out for.

My issue is not that you are trying to hold an SFBARF conf at noisebridge, but rather it's that you've also led the expulsion of people on the other side of this political coin from noisebridge "die techie scum" art highlights this.  Unfortunately, I held my tongue on that one, when I should have spoken out.

No longer.  If you can hold your SFBARF conference, then I can hold my "die techie scum" conference.

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*swoops in from Oakland*

Hi, Noisebridge.

Housing is a really touchy subject in the bay area, innit?

The Bay Area Renter's Federation is a loosely connected cabal of people who
want to fix bay area housing by pushing for more supply. This year, San
Francisco voted overwhelmingly in approval of various pro-supply measures: yes
on Prop A, D, and K, and no on Prop I.

Its almost like the city that I, a rich white techie girl with an outspoken
anticapitalist mindset, can't afford to live in has its shit together.

I also know that barely anyone on noisebridge-discuss participates in
Noisebridge, so I wholly expect to be shouted down and told how much I'm
literally murdering the homeless by having a pro-supply stance. Yelling NO on
discuss isn't likely to sway me or the others involved.

What are the feelings of me (or someone approximately me) stewarding a YIMBY
convention at the Noisebridge in early december, as organized by the BARF?
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