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Thu Nov 5 04:30:04 UTC 2015

Garrett, you keep getting into fights, insulting people, and going off about 
insane conspiracy theories that are in direct opposition to known science on 

Please stop and think about the disharmony this brings to the community.

I've flipped your mod bit.


On Wednesday, November 04, 2015 04:12:55 PM Garrett Smith wrote:
> typical statist mentality.
> central planners are doing what I want so the hell with anyone who has
> self determination or the gumption to actually try anything on their
> own.
> On 11/4/15, Winston Wolff <winstonw at stratolab.com> wrote:
> > I am happy to be packed into a city. It's the density of urban
> > environments
> > that enables efficient transportation (i.e. I don't own a car), lots of
> > people walking about and the critical mass to support the things cities
> > offer (I like restaurants, I used to go see music before I had kids).
> > 
> > Not everybody likes cities so we also have suburbs. It seems like a good
> > arrangement to me—everybody can pick the environment they like to live in
> > (assuming they can afford it.)
> Let me shine some light on that.
> Sustainable development takes tax money — from everywhere — and puts
> it into PDAs (Priority Development Areas).
> Money is redistributed to the cities through RHNA, HUD, and many
> others. The redistribution service is not free; we pay for that, too.
> (Thank the service of Internal Revenue; under the Treasury Dept.)
> Remaining money isn't redistributed to rural areas; unless to tear up
> its paved roads to make them gravel.
> There are (still) suburbs; we don't have them. Whether or not you or I
> like suburbs personally is another matter (and this is getting to the
> concept of self-determination and free will). I don't care what you
> like.
> Sustainable housing includes the all-black NEMA building, get LEED
> certified, adjacent to the LEED building with the methane-emitting
> fire pit (dirty burning nat gas, and AIRC CH4 has ~300x the GWP of
> CO2). Trust your planners, they're going to save you from the problems
> they're causing, while they contradict themselves by causing more.
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