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Thanks for reply Eric!
  What's your skill set right now?  that would be a good place to start. Right now it needs:

1) someone to bug the manufacturer and see costs and possibility of replacement parts (via links i posted below)
2) hacking a new controller board which is likely parallel to USB adapter (Henner seems to know about this)
3) order new transistors for the power pcb (once i take it apart to diagnose- might need to bring it home where my good equipment is for that)
4) taking out the controller board that is there and writing down part numbers to reverse engineer as much as we can.

and 5) googling for more info / replacement parts!  people are still selling these around if you dig.  maybe we can find another unit cheap.


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Hi Zach and the Laser Cutter folks,

My name is Eric, Mitch told me after I stopped by for the first time in years that some things needed love after I asked about the status of a few pieces of key equipment. Focusing on the laser cutter I was curious if there was anything I could do to help, and figure out what was blocking at this time.

Nice to meet you,

On Tue, Nov 3, 2015 at 11:39 PM, Zach R <organicunity at hotmail.com<mailto:organicunity at hotmail.com>> wrote:

So I brought this up at the meeting tonight and then I did more research.  Found some more useful info.

model #: MLR-40

40w Full Spectrum Laser

Manufacturer website: http://en.jnmydy.com/

And here are the pictures I took:


Here is the controller board we are missing:



https://fslaser.com/Manuals/FSL_40w_Hobby_Laser_Manual.pdf   (manual)

There is a second hand one for $1500 we could raise money for.  That way we have this one for parts.  That's one option.

Im going to try emailing the manufacture to see what replacement costs would be.


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