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Hey all,

*Who*: ¡You--at ANY level of skill (newbs encouraged to attend)!
*What*: Work Party (fun, learning, labor, love)! -- Also see TASKS list
*When*: *Sat 9/5 @ 12 noon* (And Every Saturday, FOREVER)!
*Where*: Omni Commons (4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, CA)!
*How*: With our bare hands, feet, noses, etc -- plus tools and stuff!
*Why*: Omni Commons needs some serious elbow grease to get ship-shape, for
the safety, accessibility, and delight of all!

* Doors (re-hanging and installing closers)
* Carpentry in the basement
* Plumbing, tile, and other water-related activities
* Drywall 'til you drop
* Felt the feet of our ballroom furniture
* Protect our building from confused critters like pigeons!
* General cleaning / tidying / arranging / creativity / expression /
explosions / excitement / activity!!!!!!!
* much much much more!

¡Please join your fellow volunteers, especially the zany and rambunctious
Building and Maintenance Working Group (woooohooooooooooooooooooooo)!
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