[Noisebridge-discuss] rescheduling the Noisebridge Sunday Algorithms classes (post mortem?)

Romy Ilano romy at snowyla.com
Tue Sep 1 16:28:34 UTC 2015


I have been having a fun time with the Noisebridge Sunday Algorithms
So far we have had a lot of fun.

*I am gonig to reschedule the algorithms sessions, preferably to a weekday
night, but after I run it through noiesbridge so there's no conflict of
scheduling. *

   - *Explored watching online videos* - these were great, but on a Sunday
   afternoon people were antsy, got bored, and someone nearly fell asleep.
   Even though everyone was smart and capable, this was ineffective
   - *Whiteboarding -* this was hit or miss. Some sessions were really
   great, but we ended up just watching one person whiteboard while everyone
   else fell asleep.
   - *Independent Study - *I am still experimenting with this. to be truly
   effective there's a lot of unglamorous memory drilling and muscle memory
   with writing on whiteboards involved. it is not fun, especially for smart
   people. I'm considering having people do drills to music.

I started trying out the algorithms sessions with other people at SudoRoom,
but I did this on a Thursday night.
See the video:

   - The energy was a lot different due to the Thursday night.  People were
   in a more festive mood
   - we had a lot of people who were experts dropping by instead of people
   slogging it out for unpleasant job interviews
   - we were very creative and were able to draw and make art, and there is
   something nice about the evening
   - at night the light doesn't shine in , especially in the Church, and it
   is more pleasant to watch video sand people's attention is focused.


Romy Ilano
romy at snowyla.com
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