[Noisebridge-discuss] 5MOF Alum Neural Noise -- composing music with neural networks in text formats

Travis Briggs audiodude at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 03:45:20 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

In case you missed it, I presented Neural Noise <http://nn.0-z-0.com/about> at
August's 5 Minutes of Fame. Neural Noise is a project to train a neural
network on a text representation of pop songs and have it generate song
snippets in similar style. It includes a web app that allows for browsing
of different songs, including viewing sheet music and listening to MIDI

The project is open source and available on Github

I have recently realized that I'm not going to get around to "writing up"
any more of it, so it is officially released to the world.

Comments are welcome to me directly or on the Github page.

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