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Hey Noisebridge, we could make some art.

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So many exciting things to announce from the FIGMENT Oakland crew this
month! Hold on to your hats because there's a lot to share!

1. Call for Art!
2. Call for Volunteers!
3. Announcement: Oakland Parks and Recreation Partnership PLUS Year-Round
Artist Program!
4. Donate!

*Call for Art![image: The Blahs! Photo by Calista Chandler]*
In case you hadn't heart the news....THE ARTIST PORTAL IS OPEN! THE ARTIST

This means it's officially time to submit your art for FIGMENT Oakland 2015
(like, right now!)

We are looking for:

   - installations
   - performances
   - games
   - activities
   - workshops
   - multimedia
   - electronic art
   - music
   - social experiments
   - visual art
   - any crazy thing you have put together and want to share with the

Pieces that align with the following FIGMENT values are given extra
consideration, including:

   - creativity
   - interactivity
   - structural integrity
   - context and impact
   - sustainability
   - feasibility
   - budget
   - community involvement

Call for Volunteers!

[image: FIGMENT 2014 Volunteers! Photo by Calista Chandler]
You know what's best about FIGMENT (besides the amazing, free-to-the-public
art)?  The fact that is run and operated by a team of rock star
volunteers!  We do this because we love it, and we have a lot of fun doing

If you're a fun person and you want help make art happen in your community,
PLEASE JOIN US!  Whatever your helpful talent is, we'd love to have you on

FIGMENT Oakland to Partner with Oakland Parks & Recreation Department!

[image: FIGMENT Oakland 2014, Photo by Calista Chandler]
We are excited to announce a year-round partnership with Oakland Park and
Recreation!  OPR has been with us since the beginning, and is co-hosting
our October event. We are thrilled to be supporting our community by
working with them!

We are now spearheading a monthly children's art program starting next
year. We are looking for FIGMENT artists and classroom volunteers to teach
arts and crafts classes to future creators!

If you would like more information on how you can bring the joy of
creativity to the youth of Oakland please contact Rick Abruzzo
<rickabruzzo at figmentproject.org?subject=I+want+to+know+more+about+the+FIGMENT+Children%27s+Art+Program>
Please Donate!

[image: The Shanty Boat by Wes Modes, Photo by Calista Chandler]
Oakland FIGMENT brings together artists, performers, musicians,
storytellers and crafters from around the Bay Area, one thing it doesn’t
bring is commerce and corporate sponsors.

Our principles
non-commodification, which means we rely on support of the community at
large and without it we can’t bring this amazing experience to Mosswood
Park on October 24th.

Become a supporter
Oakland FIGMENT with a one-time donation, a small monthly recurring
donation or donate a silent auction and raffle prize at our upcoming
Oakland FIGMENT fundraising kickoff! A monetary contribution of any size is
welcome and your tax-deductible sponsorship goes directly to helping make
Oakland FIGMENT the best commerce-free, family-friendly, interactive art
festival in the Bay Area!

rubin at starset.net
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