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Fri Sep 18 18:57:55 UTC 2015

I bought a new timing belt for the band saw and spent some time
working on it. It turns out that it needs several other parts and a
fair amount of love. The costs and time involved may not be worth
working on it further, but if someone wants to give it another go I
can set the timing belt aside in the shop for them.

On Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 11:31 AM, Torrie Fischer
<tdfischer at hackerbots.net> wrote:
> In the application, I said we can make a dome anywhere between 12' and 24' diameter. Kinda waiting on a curator to read the application to see how much space we can get.
> Yes, it'd be a simple metal one made from EMT. We'll want to fix up the bandsaw or get a horizontal one which is pretty cheap. Beyond that, we've got a sledge to fab the ends of rods and a drill press for holes.
> Then some tarps and vinyl glue to build a skin, and we'll have a structure to fill with tea!
> On September 18, 2015 11:11:14 AM PDT, Patrick O'Doherty <p at trickod.com> wrote:
>>I'll throw some monies and hopefully some labour hours to this.
>>What dimensions of dome are you thinking we'll be able to get for $800?
>>Do we have the requisite tools at the space to cut / work the metal
>>presuming it's metal), and if not what do we need to borrow?
>>maybe let's slap together a wiki page with whatever details we have and
>>work from there :) https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Figment_2015
>>Torrie Fischer:
>>> I submitted an application for Noisebridge to build and host a
>>> dome tea house.
>>> Asked around the space last night and got positive "yeah, I'll help!"
>>> responses from joyti, mari, and even jeffrey! Slack also got some
>>> input on this.
>>> Anyone want to contribute funds to make this happen? A rough back of
>>> tequila stained napkin calculation suggests around $800 to put
>>together a
>>> big enough dome, then more investment in sitting pillows, tea
>>kettles, etc
>>> beyond the $800.
>>>> Hey Noisebridge, we could make some art.
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>>>> Date: 14 September 2015 at 13:53
>>>> Subject: [SFIOP doers] Call for ART! Call for VOLUNTEERS! Call for
>>>> THINGS! Oakland FIGMENT
>>>> So many exciting things to announce from the FIGMENT Oakland crew
>>>> month! Hold on to your hats because there's a lot to share!
>>>> 1. Call for Art!
>>>> 2. Call for Volunteers!
>>>> 3. Announcement: Oakland Parks and Recreation Partnership PLUS
>>>> Artist Program!
>>>> 4. Donate!
>>>> *Call for Art![image: The Blahs! Photo by Calista Chandler]*
>>>> In case you hadn't heart the news....THE ARTIST PORTAL IS OPEN! THE
>>>> This means it's officially time to submit your art for FIGMENT
>>>> 2015
>>>> (like, right now!)
>>>> We are looking for:
>>>>    - installations
>>>>    - performances
>>>>    - games
>>>>    - activities
>>>>    - workshops
>>>>    - multimedia
>>>>    - electronic art
>>>>    - music
>>>>    - social experiments
>>>>    - visual art
>>>>    - any crazy thing you have put together and want to share with
>>>>    community
>>>> Pieces that align with the following FIGMENT values are given extra
>>>> consideration, including:
>>>>    - creativity
>>>>    - interactivity
>>>>    - structural integrity
>>>>    - context and impact
>>>>    - sustainability
>>>>    - feasibility
>>>>    - budget
>>>>    - community involvement
>>>> Call for Volunteers!
>>>> [image: FIGMENT 2014 Volunteers! Photo by Calista Chandler]
>>>> You know what's best about FIGMENT (besides the amazing,
>>>> free-to-the-public
>>>> art)?  The fact that is run and operated by a team of rock star
>>>> volunteers!  We do this because we love it, and we have a lot of fun
>>>> it!
>>>> If you're a fun person and you want help make art happen in your
>>>> community,
>>>> PLEASE JOIN US!  Whatever your helpful talent is, we'd love to have
>>you on
>>>> board!
>>>> !
>>>> FIGMENT Oakland to Partner with Oakland Parks & Recreation
>>>> [image: FIGMENT Oakland 2014, Photo by Calista Chandler]
>>>> We are excited to announce a year-round partnership with Oakland
>>Park and
>>>> Recreation!  OPR has been with us since the beginning, and is
>>>> our October event. We are thrilled to be supporting our community by
>>>> working with them!
>>>> We are now spearheading a monthly children's art program starting
>>>> year. We are looking for FIGMENT artists and classroom volunteers to
>>>> arts and crafts classes to future creators!
>>>> If you would like more information on how you can bring the joy of
>>>> creativity to the youth of Oakland please contact Rick Abruzzo
>><rickabruzzo at figmentproject.org?subject=I+want+to+know+more+about+the+FIGMENT+Children%27s+Art+Program>
>>>> .
>>>> Please Donate!
>>>> [image: The Shanty Boat by Wes Modes, Photo by Calista Chandler]
>>>> Oakland FIGMENT brings together artists, performers, musicians,
>>>> storytellers and crafters from around the Bay Area, one thing it
>>>> bring is commerce and corporate sponsors.
>>>> Our principles
>>>> include
>>>> non-commodification, which means we rely on support of the community
>>>> large and without it we can’t bring this amazing experience to
>>>> Park on October 24th.
>>>> Become a supporter
>>>> of
>>>> Oakland FIGMENT with a one-time donation, a small monthly recurring
>>>> donation or donate a silent auction and raffle prize at our upcoming
>>>> Oakland FIGMENT fundraising kickoff! A monetary contribution of any
>>>> is
>>>> welcome and your tax-deductible sponsorship goes directly to helping
>>>> Oakland FIGMENT the best commerce-free, family-friendly, interactive
>>>> festival in the Bay Area!
>>>> DONATE!
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