[Noisebridge-discuss] Pidgeon Frenzy — Gender Identity Disorder & Hormonal Disruption

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Fri Sep 18 20:58:22 UTC 2015

noisebridge, why.

why noisebridge why?


have we all fallen behind on sharing who is and isn't welcome at
noisebridge? Should we all sit down again and go through the 86 page and
the SSWG wiki?

Under no circumstance should Pidgeon be allowed at Noisebridge. They're
incredibly unstable, with bouts of what Garrett just described.

My last interaction with them was last year; they were dismantling our
only good printer, claiming that they could use the power brick because
"nobody was using the printer". They've repeatedly climbed over the gate
as well. A few years back they slang some totally unfounded allegations of
rape which was later figured out to be an effort to disrupt the social
fabric of both sudo room and Noisebridge. It worked, but we're better than
that now.

The last few times I've come in to the space, the upstairs door was
propped open somehow. Before it was with the xbox. Then the stunt laptop.
Then a pencil.

Clearly not a technical problem here, though folks are hacking up a
solution to make the doorbell less irritating for folks who /do/ want to
be greeters.

Please please please don't leave the upstairs door propped open. It makes
me sad, and its a really great attack vector for crazy people like
Pidgeon, Hurricane Sid, Corey, and others who have been asked to leave to
sneak in and shit in the woodshop.

Noisebridge is in peacetime right now, and a lot of that is because a lot
of noisebridge gave a shit about things last year and made a stand to
tolerate less shitting in the woodhshop; cultural transmission of what we
learned and figured out hasn't been as prolific as it should be for our
immune system to stay working <3

> Yesterday, former NB'er formerly known as "Pidgeon", who has now
> morphed into a dysphoric transexual (perhaps with a new name) became
> agitated and threatened to "cut me" twice yesterday.
> This person is mentally unstable, hostile, and a threat.
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> Garrett
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