[Noisebridge-discuss] Electronic Music Production Meetup Group

Berry Maker berrythemaker at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 21:15:30 UTC 2015

Hi Noisebridgers,

I am coordinating/organizing an electronic music production meetup group at

This group will be focusing on the production/composition/programming
aspect of electronic music production with an emphasis on Ableton Live and
Logic Pro X. However,all DAW's (Reason, Cubase, Pro-Tools, Fruity Loops
Studio) are welcome.

The idea is to meet others interested in electronic music production, learn
from each other, inspire ideas, collaborate on projects, etc.

There are other electronic music meetup groups around the area but
Noisebridge is a social, central, hub which I believe will be perfect for
this type of group.

I am still deciding on the best night to do this,and am wondering if others
could advise the most empty/event free night at the space?

Thanks, and hope to work with/collaborate with you all on some musical
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