[Noisebridge-discuss] Looking for place to stay this week during the CodeForAmerica.org/summit event I'm attending

Jerry Hall, enjoyPB enjoypb at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 06:28:16 UTC 2015

Hi all. I'm hoping to find a place to lay my head Monday through Saturday
this week. The tl;dr story is a sequence of events, on top of my being a
startup has kept me pretty lean.

I met Garrett Smith on CouchSurfers and he suggested I post here.

If you would consider one or all five nights I'd appreciate it greatly.
I'll work out payment details with you as well.

Also, as a shameless plug if you or a friend is an Elastic whiz, I believe
my project will deliver significant social and economic returns. Local
government is big and inefficient... ripe for innovators... and in my case
innovative co-founders not yet found. Even if you can't host me but are
interested let's talk!


Jerry Hall
Jerry at CivicArchive.com
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