[Noisebridge-discuss] Deprecating myself as Treasurer

Patrick O'Doherty p at trickod.com
Tue Jan 5 22:31:08 UTC 2016

Hey folks,

Coming April 1st 2016 I'll be deprecating myself as the noisebridge
treasurer. I've been thinking about this for a while and wanted with the
turn of the new year to give ample notice to everyone so that there's a
time for transition.

This means that I'll no longer be the primary responsible person for any
of the treasurer or secretarial duties. There was talk at the end of the
year of splitting this work up amongst many people, each taking
responsibility for some
sub-area and I think that's the best way to do this. Such areas include,
amongst other things:
 * depositing cash & check donations / handling tax receipt letters
 * keeping membership / philanthropist / access control up to date
 * dealing with the mail (donations, insurance, and the like)
 * dealing with any issues w/ bills
 * dealing with donations infrastructure (donate.noisebridge.net, paypal)

If you want to help out in the running of the space you should chat to
me soon to take ownership of a certain area. It'd be really awesome to
have two or more people per area to ensure that nothing gets dropped.

I'm committing to having our 2015 taxes filed by this date such that the
immediate workload of those taking over will be reduced. It'd be
preferable to have someone to collaborate with on this such that it's
not a surprise for the coming years when it needs to be done again.

Past April 1st I'll happily answer questions and give advice if people
ask, but will not commit to completing the work of either treasurer or
secretary. Given I wrote the donate.noisebridge.net codebase I'm also
happy to fix issues and otherwise maintain it. Again, it'd be great to
have someone want to collaborate this to reduce the bus-factor in
maintaining and developing the donations infrastructure at the space.

I'll still be at the space, but just with more time to hack things and
put energy into personal and other projects which have been somewhat
neglected in the last few months.

All the best from a cold Dublin,


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