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  Thank you for this donation list.  I think however, you misunderstand the way donations work at Noisebridge.  We do not separate between projects used at NB and personal projects.  Stuff on the hackershelves is used to assist people in all manners (including classes, NB repairs, side-projects, etc), which is a good thing.  If you have items you specifically do not want people to use for personal projects then I suggest you do not bring those tomorrow.  Otherwise, whats there will be put to use the best ways that it can, and will benefit classes, projects, and hackers of all sorts.  I am happy to help you label and organize the items and make sure they go to the best use, just as I have done with many donations in the past.



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Follow-up. I'm currently planning to meet Zach at NB at 5:30PM on Wednesday. Here's a rough inventory of what I'll have with me. Zach is going to claim some of it on behalf of NB and another worthy endeavor. The rest will be available for anyone else who will put it to use at NB, but not for personal projects. I'd prefer to let a couple more spaces grab useful things rather than individuals right now.

100x mini altoids tins
11x 19"-27" LCDs
100x misc USB and video cables
40x laptop power adapters
100x misc audio video usb serial etc adapters
10x wireless headphones
10x USB headphones
2U Cisco blade chassis
1U server
10x generic USB keyboards
10x fancy weird USB keyboards
15x wireless keyboards
10x USB mice
15x wireless mice
2x old laptops
Polycom conference table phone
3x small GbE switches
And a handful of misc hardware

On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 11:44 AM, Sparr <sparr0 at gmail.com<mailto:sparr0 at gmail.com>> wrote:
My work has a pile of "e-waste" laser printers, LCD monitors, laptop docks, power adapters, etc. I've been told I can take whatever I want. Some of the items definitely work (including at least a few brand new docks and power adapters), and many are probably mostly-working. I'd love to bring a cart full of stuff by to pick through with some interested parties, so NB can keep and use the good stuff and we can disassemble the bad stuff for useful parts. Is that a thing that could happen?

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