[Noisebridge-discuss] Hardware Donations Sorted + New camera Monitor LCD!

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 8 09:49:01 UTC 2016

Yay!  Thanks for helping making it all happen.

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> Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] Hardware Donations Sorted + New camera 
> Monitor LCD! 
> A very special Thank You to Sparr for coming to Noisebridge yesterday 
> and hooking us up with a ton of new awesome donations! It was very 
> unexpected to have so much cool stuff for the space and I am super 
> stoaked to have the NB Hardware back on the map! He worked hard do 
> carry up a lot of heavy stuff and even took back items that we don't 
> need at the space, so very excellent! 
> I spent 3+ hours yesterday organizing and labeling everything as well 
> as pitching some "hellbox" bin items (trust me, it was junk). We now 
> have a bin FULL of Lenovo and laptop power supplies, tons of decent USB 
> mice and keyboards, battery chargers, A/V cables, Power Strips, POE 
> gear, and other sorely needed useful items (I only picked out the 
> necessities). 
> Here is a pic of one of the LCDs donated which replaced our dying 
> Samsung one! 
> http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b134/Segasonicfan/NB%20Cleaning/20160106_201641_zpsnwpu7o3k.jpg 
> The resolution and image quality is FAR better. If we turn off the 
> power when closing up each night this will work for a long time ^_^ 
> -Zach 
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> Follow-up. I'm currently planning to meet Zach at NB at 5:30PM on 
> Wednesday. Here's a rough inventory of what I'll have with me. Zach is 
> going to claim some of it on behalf of NB and another worthy endeavor. 
> The rest will be available for anyone else who will put it to use at 
> NB, but not for personal projects. I'd prefer to let a couple more 
> spaces grab useful things rather than individuals right now. 
> 100x mini altoids tins 
> 11x 19"-27" LCDs 
> 100x misc USB and video cables 
> 40x laptop power adapters 
> 100x misc audio video usb serial etc adapters 
> 10x wireless headphones 
> 10x USB headphones 
> 2U Cisco blade chassis 
> 1U server 
> 10x generic USB keyboards 
> 10x fancy weird USB keyboards 
> 15x wireless keyboards 
> 10x USB mice 
> 15x wireless mice 
> 2x old laptops 
> Polycom conference table phone 
> 3x small GbE switches 
> And a handful of misc hardware 
> On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 11:44 AM, Sparr 
> <sparr0 at gmail.com<mailto:sparr0 at gmail.com>> wrote: 
> My work has a pile of "e-waste" laser printers, LCD monitors, laptop 
> docks, power adapters, etc. I've been told I can take whatever I want. 
> Some of the items definitely work (including at least a few brand new 
> docks and power adapters), and many are probably mostly-working. I'd 
> love to bring a cart full of stuff by to pick through with some 
> interested parties, so NB can keep and use the good stuff and we can 
> disassemble the bad stuff for useful parts. Is that a thing that could 
> happen? 
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