[Noisebridge-discuss] Docker 101 on 26 January 2016

Jeff Anderson jefferya at programmerq.net
Wed Jan 20 02:08:44 UTC 2016

One week reminder! Come learn about docker after next week's Tuesday
meeting. See you then!

On 1/10/16 2:50 PM, Jeff Anderson wrote:
> Hello!
> I will be teaching a Docker 101 class following the Tuesday meeting on
> the 26th of January.
> Instead of a lecture-style presentations with a powerpoint, I'll ask
> everyone circle up their chairs (to the extent possible), and lead a
> more interactive discussion-based session. I will have my laptop's
> screen with a terminal up on the projector.
> I will start out by explaining some of the basic building blocks, and
> build on that more and more until we've touched on as many topics as
> time and interest allow. This type of session can last up to two hours.
> See you there!
> /Jeff
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