[Noisebridge-discuss] Papers, Please

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Wed Jan 20 09:08:42 UTC 2016

Hi, Noisebridge.

I've missed you and I'm looking to rekindle the sweet sweet romance we
once had. You know, the one where I would invest a near infinite
quantity of love and care into you with 5mof, building infrastructure,
herding cats, and all the other things I did and in exchage succumb to
crippling burnout and an absolute hatred of everything you once meant
to me and complete avoidance of the family we shared together.

(sorry <3)

I'm better, more experienced now and have decided to set some better
boundaries this time around. Once a week at most, probably on a
tuesday, so I can roll on in during the last 15 minutes of a meeting,
shit in the wood shop with the lights on, and swoop on out as graceful
as can be.

Tonight I dropped a bomb on y'all. I've updated the membership form to
take in feedback from various discussions and thoughts we've all had in
the last ~1.5 years since The Reboot.


This includes a couple of subtle changes that I feel are the current
consensus of Noisebridge. I'll leave the discovery of them as an
exercise to the reader.

Additionally, I've formalized the old form for Philanthropy:


Its got some more pop to it and is also in landscape orientation to
make it completely distinct from the portrait orientation of the
Membership form, as if that will actually ever stop people from filling
out the wrong one.

Both have been uploaded to the wiki. All traces of the old versions
have been consumed by wasps and declared Unknowable, with any use
subject to a penalty of lots and lots of grump from Yours Truly.

Any complaints can be brought up to me in person whereupon we'll go
have a drink across the street at Noisebridge West and I'll kindly
inform you that you're no longer welcome at Noisebridge, as goes the
way of all starry-eyed hopeful contributors at The Noisebridge.

(Just kidding, you can email me or hit me up in slack or IRC)

[sources for the forms are latex and will be added to a github
repository soon]
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