[Noisebridge-discuss] Hack the Left: An Anticapitalist Hackathon

Brandon brandonesbox at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 07:42:40 UTC 2016

Hey ya'll, I'm throwing an event. Blurb:

*Hack the Left* is an anticapitalist hackathon, February 5-7 at Noisebridge.

This is an experiment to see what happens when you get a bunch of leftists
in a room for a weekend with the intention to advance liberatory and
anticapitalist projects using technology. This includes software projects
like Tor and Signal, art projects like the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project
and Men in Grey, hardware projects like mesh networks and signal jammers,
and tools for rad organizations like Anti Police-Terrorism Project and Food
Not Bombs. It's clear that there's a huge amount of opportunity for
liberatory technology. It's up to us to build it.

We also need people involved with left-aligned organizations, technical or
not, to show up and help guide all the technical folks towards doing things
that are actually useful. We want to build with, not for.

More information and the answers to probably all of your questions, please
check out the website,hacktheleft.com (redirects to the Noisebridge wiki
page <https://noisebridge.net/wiki/HackTheLeft>).

Cost is a recommended donation of $15. In the unlikely event that this
makes any money, it will be donated to Noisebridge.

I'd love for people with a wide range of skills to come, from programmers
to artists to welders. Right now I'm especially interested in getting
people involved with existing lefty projects and organizations to think
about coming and guiding teams towards doing useful things -- if that
sounds like it might be you, please get in touch (or at least come so we
can maybe build something with you).

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