[Noisebridge-discuss] TONIGHT: Donate to Electronic Art Supplies!

tdfischer at hackerbots.net tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Tue Jan 26 23:19:26 UTC 2016

Hello Nerysbridge!

I like doing art with electronics!

A lot of people like doing art with electronics!

I want everyone to do art with electronics! Make the world more
beautiful by splashing a bunch of colored lights around in thoughtful
ways! And sound! And motion! And lasers!

Over the weekend, Patrick implemented a really neat feature on
donate.noisebridge.net that I'm sure will get talked about a bunch more
at tonight's meeting. The tl;dr is that you can now donate directly to a
project such as having a bulk supply of electronics art supplies in the

I've written up a bunch about what I want to see happen:


If you want to have a bunch of supplies at the space for circuit hacking
mondays for when that impromptu inspiration strikes, throw some money at
this idea! I'll be in later tonight to hit people up for cash too and
wax poetic about the idea :)

If reading the wiki is a huge pain and you trust my enthusiasm that this
will be really really awesome (it will be, I swear!), please throw some
money at this with this direct donation page:


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