[Noisebridge-discuss] need your access updated to philanthropist / member? email secretary@

tdfischer at hackerbots.net tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Wed Jan 27 00:40:02 UTC 2016

Hi I'm one of the people who can do tokens and secretariat things.
Here's how you can help me and others from getting burnt out:

The token ID is usually in the format of two numbers inside angle
brackets, eg <0184-8175>.

If it doesn't show this and instead shows a nym or something non-numeric
thats fine too.

I'm likely to be the one doing the actual token updating for now until
other secretaries are minted, meaning that I need to have a scan of a
philanthropist paper on hand to verify. I'm not at the space 24/7 and
won't even try to keep up with everything so having that gives me some
degree of trust that yer not fibbin'.

Correspondingly, if a philanthropist is minted on a Tuesday, I need to
have a copy of the paper or some other noisebridge member vouching for
you and never through you. A scan or good quality photo emailed directly
to me or secretary@ is fine. Paper copies are best because then I can
just destroy it after scanning and it'll sit on my desk until it gets
done. I also do check the binder when I'm able to for papers that have a
witness' signature.

Feel free to ping me or others with secretary hats on slack in
#the-board if you've got questions.

On Tue, Jan 26, 2016, at 04:00 PM, Patrick O'Doherty wrote:
> hey folks,
> a bunch of people have asked that their RFID access card be upgraded to
> the appropriate level of access (member / philanthropist) in the last ~2
> weeks but due to high levels of $LIFE I've misplaced a bunch of these
> requests.
> If you need your access upgraded please email the following to
> secretary at noisebridge.net
>  * nym to record with the token
>  * email on which to contact you
>  * the token ID (you can get this by presenting your card to the reader
>    at the top of the stairs - the display will read back your ID)
> thanks!
> p
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