[Noisebridge-discuss] offer: tutor for programming classes

Travis Briggs audiodude at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 20:10:55 UTC 2016

I had the same idea last year. I tried coming to the web dev lab sessions
on Thursday and offering assistance (the way the actual class on Monday is
run, there is no room/need for tutors).

Anyways it was fun to meet people, but when it came down to it, most people
preferred the help of the course instructor over my help, and there just
weren't enough people that wanted my help.

YMMV, though. Maybe I was too shy.

If you figure out how to do this, please post back.

On Mar 3, 2016 10:31 AM, "Daniel Radetsky" <dradetsky at gmail.com> wrote:

> I recently came by noisebridge, and I see you're trying to teach people
> Python and Ruby/RoR. I've worked with Python and Ruby (not RoR)
> professionally, and I also used to be a math/logic tutor at CCSF. It
> occurred to me that it might be useful to whomever is running these classes
> if I was around as an extra hand-holder for the students. If so, I might be
> able to come by for whatever else I might want to do around when these
> classes are being held, and help out if needed. Is this likely to be
> useful, or are you all kitted out, tutor-wise?
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