[Noisebridge-discuss] Nest office move - lots of hardware hacker fare!

Anders Nelson anders.k.nelson at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 00:20:07 UTC 2016

Hi Dorkbotters,

I finally have my ducks in a row and will swing by Noisebridge in SF this
Saturday at 11am to disseminate my Pirate Bootie from our office move.

To recap the loot: a lot of development boards (including an octa-core
Samsung Exynos), lots of USB power supplies with cables, and perhaps most
interestingly maybe 500 little Bluetooth low energy boards with compasses,
and accelerometers and a capacitive touch button. An IP camera, new 3-plug
120v extension cord.

Anything that's not useful can go in the trash or I can take it with me and
trash it elsewhere. Noisebridge CCed in case some members aren't on Slack.

Anders Nelson

+1 (517) 775-6129

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