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In case anyone wants to be involved with the White House National Week of Making, please see below:

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            excited to share a quick note that the
                Week of Making will be returning this year
            with celebrations to happen all over the country from
                17-23, 2016 – be sure to
            SAVE THE DATE!
            can read the full White House announcements on the
              OSTP Blog or in the full
              Fact Sheet. Please
            share out the news so everyone knows the dates, and feel
            free to use the
            hash tags.
            here are some related links to the things the community is
            already doing to support the announcements – I would love to
            see even more happen, so please let me know what ideas you
            might have:
            (community website where folks are able to post
            locally-organized events)
              makerpromise.org (the
            Maker Promise collaboration website with form for
            principals, district leadership, civic leaders, and others
            to sign up and make the promise)
              makerfaire.com/national (National Maker Faire website with more
            information about the June 18-19 event)
            (Nation of Makers site supporting a number of initiatives,
            such as the National Maker Faire with Maker Media or the
            Maker Map)
              ctemakeoverchallenge.com (CTE Makeover Challenge portal)
        Let me
            know if you have any questions or if I could help connect
            you to the right folks for things related to the
            have pulled out the sections on the Maker-related WH
            Announcements and pasted them below my signature)
            Advisor for Making
        Office of
            Science and Technology Policy
            Office of the President | The White House
            | acoy at ostp.eop.gov
        New Commitments in Support of the President’s
              Nation of Makers Initiative & Advancing Career &
              Technical Education
        In June
            2014, President Obama hosted
              first-ever Maker Faire and
            launched the Nation
              of Makers
            initiative, an all-hands-on-deck call to give many more
            students, entrepreneurs, and Americans of all backgrounds
            access to a new class of technologies—such as 3D printers,
            laser cutters, and desktop machine tools—that are enabling
            more Americans to design, build, and manufacture just about
        In recent
            years, the rise of the maker movement and growing community
            of self-identified “makers” is a huge opportunity for the
            United States. The rapid deployment of advanced tools like
            3D printers, CNC machining, and tools for digital design—and
            their precipitous drop in price—is empowering tinkerers,
            entrepreneurs, and companies to transform an idea from a
            drawing on the back of a napkin to a working prototype
            faster than ever before.
        These new
            tools can also help recreate “shop class” for the 21st
            century, giving students the types of hands-on STEM learning
            experiences that spark interest in science and technology
            careers and broader 21st century skills. It is also
            promoting a “maker mindset”—dispositions and skills such as
            curiosity, collaborative problem-solving, and
            self-efficacy—with mentors and educators also inspiring the
            next generation to invent, tinker, and learn vital skills in
            STEM education.
        Over the
            past two years, the Administration has
              with hundreds
            of K-12 schools, universities, cities, libraries, museums,
            and local employers to ensure that the maker movement is
            able to support and reach students and adults of all
            on that success, today
          the Administration is
            announcing new federal steps and private commitments to
            reach even more students and adults in the coming year:
          The U.S. Department of
              Education (ED) is launching the
            Career and Technical Education (CTE) Makeover
            to encourage the creation of more makerspaces in American
              high schools. The new challenge will invite high
            schools to innovatively create more “makerspaces” where
            students have the tools, space, and mentors to design,
            build, and innovate. With a prize pool of $200,000 that will
            be divided equally among as many as 10 prize recipients, the
            challenge calls upon eligible high schools to design models
            of “makerspaces.” These can be facilities such as
            classrooms, libraries, or mobile spaces equipped with the
            appropriate tools and CTE-trained educators.  The winners
            will be showcased to the broader CTE community as potential
            models for replication, particularly in schools that serve
            high proportions of low-income students. In collaboration
            with the Department of Education, and complementary to the
            CTE Makeover Challenge, Digital Promise and Maker Ed are
            launching the
                Promise, a pledge for K-12 school leaders to
            support their students by dedicating a space for making,
            designating a champion for making, and displaying the
            results of making. Participating schools will have access to
            a suite of resources that enable them to empower students to
            be makers of things, not just consumers of things. 
          Urging Congress to
              Reauthorize the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical
              Education Act:
            Today, the Acting Secretary of Education John King will
            reaffirm the Administration’s commitment to reauthorize and
            reform the
          Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education
              Act, which provides middle
            schools, high schools, and higher education institutions
            more than $1.1 billion per year to support career and
            technical education (CTE). Since 2012, the Administration
            has supported a reauthorized Carl D. Perkins Career &
            Technical Education Act that would ensure that all CTE
            programs become viable and rigorous pathways to
            postsecondary education and career success. The
            Administration’s reauthorization proposal would increase the
            alignment between CTE and labor market needs; strengthen
            collaboration among secondary and postsecondary programs,
            business, and industry; create a better system of
            accountability; and provide competitive funding toward
            evidence-based programs to promote innovation and reform in
          The White House, along with
              federal agencies and the broader community, will celebrate
              a Week of Making this June 17-23:
            In line with the anniversary of the first-ever White House Maker Faire,
            the White House will participate in a National
                Week of Making this June 17-23, 2016. The
            week will coincide with the National Maker Faire here in
            Washington, D.C. on June 18-19, featuring makers from across
            the country and will include participation of the Department
            of Education, National Science Foundation, U.S. Agency for
            International Development, U.S. Small Business
            Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department
            of Health and Human Services, National Endowment of the
            Arts, Institute of Museum and Library Services, National
            Institute of Standards and Technology, National Aeronautics
            and Space Administration, Corporation for National and
            Community Service, and the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum and
            Sculpture Garden. Additional agency activities include the
            Department of Energy featured at the Bay Area Maker Faire
            with the “Make: ENERGY – From Discovery to Innovation”
            pavilion highlighting science and technology innovations at
            the National Laboratories, and the U.S. Navy expanding its
            current maker program to multiple regional centers through
            creation of mobile Fab Lab trailers.

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