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miloh miloh at froggytoad.net
Thu May 12 22:02:03 UTC 2016

tl;dr, the 2 3dp machines currently at noisebridge are updated to the
sailfish v7.8 and SD card only for now. fat32 works fine and gcode must be
converted to s3g files.

Last night I used an avr programmer to update the firmwares on the 3dp
clone mini army at noisebridge -- they are now running the latest version
of sailfish, v7.8

Both boards are [merciless, soul crushing, think of the children] faithful
clones, and both use originally as-designed stock atmega1280 chips.
Desoldering the atmega1280 and replacing with a atmega2560 could provide an
upgrade path for a bit more 'fun' plastic junk printing machine, which I'm
open to discussing the merits of doing.

In any case, I still need a good firmware for the usb to serial chip
(atmega8u2) so that computers with os x/linux/window & octoprint (with gpx
plugin) *or* any alternative controller software  (printrun, etc)  can
perform direct control of the machines.

The LUFA project was used for this by Arduino folks, and modified by
M******t to run at different baud rates in order to prevent in-print resets
when reconnecting to monitor machine status. Little remains of all that
junk, no m******t wiki or docs beyond github and dead links everywhere, so
in the long run it's best to get back to LUFA or something licensed to
survice and mostly unaffiliated with money grubbing ambitions.  Besides,
the sailfish project is just saving hex files to github without a firmware
sources or a build setup for this usb to serial IC[*]. When I tried the
stock hex files, they didn't work as expected in any case, so long story
short, until this fix, these machines are SD card only.


r. miloh alexander
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