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miloh miloh at froggytoad.net
Tue May 17 10:02:40 UTC 2016

TL;DR both the clone printers have new firmwares and ICs that work and
allow a greater degree of control and communication via octoprint. I
replaced the atmega8u2 on the black printer with atmega16u2 I had handy.
Keep using the sd cards for running prints -- but now choose to queue up,
preheat, and nuevo demoscene via responsive web interface.

Today I spent some time popping off and replacing just a single crappy
broken m8u2 off a clone clone of a late stage capitalist early century
plastic printer which is something i really wanted to do/dont ever want to
do again. Note the chip i replaced was a m16u2 but any good old hex files
from the 8u2 is sure to fit on that thing its just got a bit more flash
that's about it ( and besides only 4 or 5 or  6 pins are even used on this
IC even though it could function as a good deadmans switch  watchdog for
the motion controller atmega1280 running our overtone-rich Sailfish)

At this stage of functionality we can actually move on so you can hook up
the printers to a web server like octoprint, or to a little iot apparatus
dirt motes that just run mongoose and prints calibration cubes or yodas
some shit.

There are some repair-type things happening to these machines that aren't
published here and also aren't on https://wiki.noiesbridge.net/printers so
please communicate what you are doing if you work with these machines...If
you do some work on the machines, be sure to 1) leave a note about what you
are doing 2) join in discussion here  3) update the wiki. Even just a
sticky post it is better than piles of screws and parts on a table, OK?

Lastly plz plz dont print with abs in the space yall i know some funny
people that lost all their charm and humor from breathing those gases.

thread s getting dank with nuance

r. miloh alexander

On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 3:02 PM, miloh <miloh at froggytoad.net> wrote:

> tl;dr, the 2 3dp machines currently at noisebridge are updated to the
> sailfish v7.8 and SD card only for now. fat32 works fine and gcode must be
> converted to s3g files.
> Last night I used an avr programmer to update the firmwares on the 3dp
> clone mini army at noisebridge -- they are now running the latest version
> of sailfish, v7.8
> https://github.com/noisebridge/Sailfish-MightyBoardFirmware
> Both boards are [merciless, soul crushing, think of the children] faithful
> clones, and both use originally as-designed stock atmega1280 chips.
> Desoldering the atmega1280 and replacing with a atmega2560 could provide an
> upgrade path for a bit more 'fun' plastic junk printing machine, which I'm
> open to discussing the merits of doing.
> In any case, I still need a good firmware for the usb to serial chip
> (atmega8u2) so that computers with os x/linux/window & octoprint (with gpx
> plugin) *or* any alternative controller software  (printrun, etc)  can
> perform direct control of the machines.
> The LUFA project was used for this by Arduino folks, and modified by
> M******t to run at different baud rates in order to prevent in-print resets
> when reconnecting to monitor machine status. Little remains of all that
> junk, no m******t wiki or docs beyond github and dead links everywhere, so
> in the long run it's best to get back to LUFA or something licensed to
> survice and mostly unaffiliated with money grubbing ambitions.  Besides,
> the sailfish project is just saving hex files to github without a firmware
> sources or a build setup for this usb to serial IC[*]. When I tried the
> stock hex files, they didn't work as expected in any case, so long story
> short, until this fix, these machines are SD card only.
> see:
> https://github.com/noisebridge/Sailfish-MightyBoardFirmware/tree/master/dist/8u2-firmware
> regards,
> r. miloh alexander
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