[Noisebridge-discuss] Updates on the network

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Sat May 21 18:46:00 UTC 2016

I've isolated the issues of the link between biketrailer and the roof
switch dropping to 100mbit to the network cable run. Luckily when we did
roof work last we ran a pair of CAT5e down. I've switched to the 2nd cable
and it seems like we've been doing ok, switch hasn't thrown up any alerts
in the last 18 hours. Bask in the glory of gigabit internet.

Second update is I've installed this crazy basket of internet that drops
down from the ceiling in the Hacktorium. Inside the basket you'll find 12
ethernet cables hooked up to a gigabit switch that's also mounted to the
ceiling. When the Hackitorium is setup for a talk or even, the ethernet can
be thrown into the basket and pulled back up to the ceiling. The rope is
tied off on the AV column.

The next part of this plan is to setup similar switches on ceiling without
the basket for both the classrooms and run cables along the walls down to
where we would expect desks to be. And the last part is to replace all of
our Chromecasts with the newest generation ones and plug them directly into
the wired network for more reliability when folks are screen casting
presentations and other things. Eventually I'd also like to securely attach
Chromecasts to our 2 mobile monitors on wheels.

I've blown about $250 on this so far. If you felt like contributing please
send donations to Paypal, Google Wallet or Square Cash at my email address.

rubin at starset.net
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