[Noisebridge-discuss] Free -80 C lab freezer (if you move some stuff)

Marc Juul juul at labitat.dk
Sat Apr 22 03:25:17 UTC 2017

Counter Culture Labs has a free full size -80 freezer available. It is
actually an older -86 C freezer but it now "only" comes down to -80 C. It's
working but it should really have a new air filter installed before being
put to use (nothing special, just to prevent dust getting into the

We're getting a slightly newer model. What we need in return is for you to
pick up our new freezer at a lab at UC Berkeley, bring it to Counter
Culture Labs in Oakland, and then of course pick up our old freezer for
your own use.

The freezer you'd be getting measures:

H: 200 cm
W: 110 cm (includes handle)
D: 94 cm

The one you'd be moving for us is almost the exact same dimensions.

Be aware that these are _very_ heavy. They cannot be allowed to lie down at
any point (they will break). Tilting them up to 30 degrees is ok, but
that's it. You'll probably want a forklift or a bunch of  strong folk and
some hefty ropes.

If you want this freezer we need a firm commitment by late Sunday evening.

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