[Noisebridge-discuss] Volunteering opportunity - teaching web dev in high schools!

Rebecca Novak becca at scripted.org
Tue Aug 8 23:23:48 UTC 2017

Hi Noisebridge!

Y'all have been recommended to me as a place to say hello, and that some of
you might be interested in a volunteering opportunity.

My nonprofit, ScriptEd (www.scripted.org), is opening in Oakland and
expanding in SF and NYC this fall, and we're looking for volunteers to join
us, teaching web dev (HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript) to students attending
under resourced high schools. We're also looking for volunteers in San
Francisco, and NYC, but Oakland is our greatest need currently.

Can you help us spread the word? I'm including the basic info below.

Thanks so much in advance!


Volunteer with ScriptEd and teach kids to code!

ScriptEd is a nonprofit organization that engages professional developers
on a volunteer basis to teach web development to students who attend under
resourced high schools in NYC, San Francisco, and Oakland.

Volunteers teach twice a week for the school year (approximately late
August through late May). Each volunteer is part of a four-person team, and
is supported by one of ScriptEd’s staff members. To learn more, click here
and watch our video: bit.ly/

*ScriptEd is launching in Oakland this fall, and is especially seeking
volunteers who live and/or work in the East Bay!*

Fill out a volunteer application at bit.ly/ScriptEdSFBAYvolunteer
and a ScriptEd staff member will be in touch. Volunteering is a great way
to meet like-minded people while helping youth access careers in tech..
plus it is a ton of fun. We’d love for you to join us!

Rebecca Novak | Executive Director, Bay Area
ScriptEd, Inc.
(415) 622-5942
becca at scripted.org | scripted.org
ScriptEd on Twitter: @scriptedorg <http://twitter.com/scriptedorg> | Me on
Twitter: @beckano <http://twitter.com/beckano>

To donate: http://scripted.org/#donate

Teach a ScriptEd class <http://bit.ly/ScriptEdSFBAYvolunteer> next school
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