[Noisebridge-discuss] Glider Ink - a hackerspace graphic novel

Paweł Chojnacki alxd at alxd.org
Sun Aug 20 16:30:10 UTC 2017


Last year I realized that the notion of hackerspace and
hackers-as-makers, not just blackhat anarchists is totally absent from
the mainstream culture. Watch Dogs 2 had a huge opportunity to change
this, but they only presented warring gangs and vigilantes trying to
bring down evil corporations.

After gathering some stories from European, US and African Spaces I
decided to create Glider Ink - https://glider.ink/ , a fictional story
based on real events and characters I met. I have already managed to
find the most common archetypes and create five main characters based on
them: Inventor, Activist, Troll, Anarchist and Maker. I'd like to focus
on the community aspect and how we can create things together, as
opposed to the Silicon Valley lone genius concept.

Even though I originally wanted to set the story in Poland, I might be
changing that to some more or less defined European city. Seeing hackers
from all over the world, especially Kenya or Philippines I really don't
want to enforce the stereotype that all of them needs to be white.

I'm still working on a script which would be enjoyable both for actual
hackers and people who haven't heard about them before. All of my work -
licensed on Creative Commons - is available at https://wiki.glider.ink/
. You are welcome to comment on it, share your own stories and ideas! If
you'd like to register on the wiki, just ping me.

Sadly, I found it that very few artists are up to the challenge of
trying a de-facto new genre, creating a positive outlook on technology
outside of dark cyberpunk. If you know any graphic novel illustrator who
might be interested in working on this project (fully paid of course),
I'll gladly meet them!

Art styles I'm looking for:


and the full project's moodboards:




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