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Wed May 3 19:22:27 UTC 2017

Howdy –

I’m Nicole Franczvai from Dallas Makerspace (www.dallasmakerspace.org)
seven of “us” are going to go to the Bay area makerfaire. We thought it
would be fun to try to get a group of makerspaces together at a bar for
good times. I spent a few minutes on yelp and found a bar that I think will
hold us (but realize it might change) So I’m/we are inviting you – well
whoever is going to be at makerfaire – to come out and enjoy a night. We
are sending out notes to every makerspace we know that will be in
attendance. We figure a few people will show and we can swap stories over
some beers. The plan is to meet on Saturday night May 20th around 9/9:30p
at a bar called Grape & Grain If lots of people say they are going to come
we might look at alternate places but for now – were starting with an easy
option.  The address of 227 S San Mateo Dr, San Mateo, CA 94401-4037,
United States As much as we love you you’re paying for your own drinks
(felt I should mention that because you never know what people assume). If
you can come email me with the number in your party  uglyknees at me.com -
that way I can keep a count of people and if we need to find a bigger place
we can. If you’re a local please feel free to suggest a place as well
(large space, not douche, good for conversations and shenanigans) . I wrote
this quickly and it’s going out to a number of people – please excuse any
errors and don’t judge me on my comma usage. If you are going please
respond I have started a Facebook event to help us keep the number
organized and have one way of getting info out if the bar changes. We are
also looking at organizing an easy cheesy t-shirt exchange if you have the
ability to bring them – swap them with other hacker/makerspaces and walk
away with a new wardrobe (that’s on the Facebook event as well).

Nicole Franczvai

Former Chair of Creative Arts stepped down to make some stuff (but still
overly involved)

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