[Noisebridge-discuss] taking the MaxNC mill to Sudoroom

Adrian B. noisebridge at urriellu.net
Sat May 6 00:51:06 UTC 2017

Hello Jake,

I don't have slack so I'm just joining the conversation.

I'm the guy who is trying to set up the new CNC milling machine, the Roland
MDX-40a <https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Roland_MDX-40a>. Note that this one
cannot be used for PCBs. My impression is that the MaxNC hasn't been used
since 2014, so I guess what you are asking maked sense.

There is also the Quick Circuit 5000 that you are mentioning but I have
never seen any documentation for it and it looks like it hasn't been used
in a long time either.

I'm aware of the Othermill being actively used, with a bit of documentation

There used to be a PC connected to the MaxNC. Are you planning on taking it
as well? Otherwise if it's not too old I could use it for the Roland CNC.


On Fri, May 5, 2017 at 3:12 PM, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:

> Hi Noisebridge,
> I talked on Slack with Nate Argetsinger who brought in the Quick Circuit
> 5000
> (in Sparkleforge) and he says he's working on it to make it into something.
> Someone suggested that since Noisebridge is not using the MaxNC milling
> machine
> now that it has the Othermill, i should ask about taking the MaxNC to
> Sudoroom.
> this is the machine in question:
> https://noisebridge.net/wiki/MaxNCMill
> Does anyone have anything to say about that?  I have already asked on
> slack on
> April 17th, at 17:49
> -jake
> On Mon, 20 Mar 2017, Jake wrote:
> Hi noisebridge,
>> I noticed you have a Quick Circuit 5000 circuitboard etcher in the
>> SparkleForge
>> machine shop, along with some homemade breadboard electronics to drive it.
>> Seeing as you already have an Othermill set up to mill circuitboards, i'm
>> not
>> surprised nobody has set up this machine, and it might be a challenge to
>> do so.
>> I would like to borrow the machine over to sudoroom, and set it up there
>> so
>> that both hackerspaces have a good way to mill circuitboards.  Presently
>> sudoroom only has a really crappy MyDIYCNC machine which is unbelievably
>> horrible.  It's like a crappy plastic dremel attached to a milk crate with
>> zip-ties and is definitely not usable for carving circuitboards (we've
>> tried)
>> By the way, people should know that Sudoroom now has a CHMT-36 pick&place
>> machine which actually works, so it's a great place to come to assemble
>> your
>> boards robotically.  Soon we'll have a 3D printer set up with a solder
>> paste
>> dispenser for that step.
>> so Noisebridge, what do you say about the Quick Circuit 5000?
>> -jake
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