[Noisebridge-discuss] go fcc yourself . com <-- shortcut to FCC public input

jim jim at well.com
Tue May 9 02:45:33 UTC 2017

     The FCC is considering reclassifying ISP enterprises
to avoid Title 2 controls, effectively removing net
neutrality. The FCC is required to accept public input,
but the page for public input is buried several pages
deep, hard to find.

Per John Oliver's exhortations:


     The John Oliver show bought the gofccyourself.com
domain name in order to create a convenient pointer
to the FCC's public input page, which is located in
an obscure, backwater page that is buried several
clicks below the top level page for this issue.

use the link above or

to get a page that has, near the upper right corner,
an + Express  element. Click the  + Express  element
to get a page that requires your information (note
to input your name you must hit the Enter key before
navigating to the address field).

In the comment field at the bottom of the page I wrote,
more or less
"keep Title 2 controls to ensure net neutrality"

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