[Noisebridge-discuss] Thursday May 18th 5MoF & MF Soiree

X r33lmm at gmail.com
Thu May 11 18:08:53 UTC 2017

Putting together next weeks 5MoF which is the day before Maker Faire, so
also planning a post 5MoF MakerFaire gathering for Thursday. If anyone
knows of interesting folks coming thru for MakerFaire that would like to
talk please point them to the sign up.


Could use some help getting the event on nb's meetup, and it would be good
to have a couple more dedicated people to help out and show new folks
around and such.

I'll be in the space this evening to do a little prep if anyone is around
and interested.

P.S. doing a mini roadtrip thru the south bay in teh morning before the
Stup!d Sh!T hacking if anyones into a dawn-noon parts scavenge extravaganza
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