[Noisebridge-discuss] This Sunday, come speak at Five Minutes of Fame -- A Star-Spackled Celebration of Fifty Years of 5MOF

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Wed Sep 6 04:18:32 UTC 2017

I am honored and disturbed to have been clumsily regenerated -- for one
night only! -- into the CURRENT HOST and COMPERE of "Five Minutes of Fame",
Noisebridge's untrademarked and public domain exploration of what people
have done recently that they are mediumly-to-highly proud of, and/or felt
they learned Important Life Lessons from, and/or didn't actually do
themselves, but heard from a friend that it happened that one time. In five
minutes. At Noisebridge.

This will be a very special 5MOF. It will be on Sunday, as part of
Noisebridge's anniversay celebrations. The full title of this 5MOF is
"Fifty Years of Five Minutes of Fame -- A Celebration", which I suggested
somewhat foolhardily believing that a) that is how long Noisebridge has
been going (false) and b)  I could just invite people who've already done
5MOF, and it would be easy and cheap, like when you just show repeats on
TV. (also it turns out false. Most past 5MOF speakers have moved out of San
Francisco to Berlin, Ottawa, Ghent or "Oakland", died from a
Instructable-related injury, have email autoresponders that refer to
sizeable federal prison sentences, or turn out never to have existed in the
first place.)

Instead, I would like to invite *you*, remaining Noisebridge-discuss and
-announce reader, to come and speak. About anything. Anything in the last
fifty years, anything in the next fifty years, anything within a 50 light
year causal lightcone around earth, anything elsewhere or elsewhen. Just
mail me, or turn up at 8PMish at Noisebridge.

You'll be brilliant! You always have been (at least in the second person
plural sense of "you", meaning the addressed audience as a whole, I can't
speak to the specifics  of each individual's life. You may have been quite
dull, up until the moment when you sign up to speak at this 5MOF when you
will become a beautiful butterfly of performative wonder).

It's at 8.30PM on Sunday, after two days of singing and dancing and
saturnalian hedonism in the form of Noisebridge's BALL and EXPO. Read about
that here, in your web browser:

Mail me to sign up, and bring meaning to my life and stop me having to
improvise for 2 hours around the one person who has signed up so far who
wants to talk about their toenail (not RMS).

PS If you sign up, I will tell you who Mitch is interviewing. He thinks I
don't know, but I've totally worked it out.
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