[Noisebridge-discuss] Elevator update from 9/10

Revolt revoltrightnow at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 00:17:56 UTC 2017

Hey all,

  Just want to give an update for those that might need the elevator
to enter NB in the coming days and also to ask for assistance in doing

I went to NB last night for 5mof and was trapped in the elevator for
nearly 20 minutes.  Someone taped over the buzzer on the outside that
lets people know you need assistance.  The elevator is really not very
functional and it is very dangerous.  Eventually someone ran upstairs
to help and I was able to get the elevator to call by holding the
inside gate with my hand against the frame /while the elevator moved/.
To say this is dangerous is one heck of an understatement.

The landlord has apparently done next to nothing for this repair.  The
gate (street facing) came loose off the track at one point and was
extremely hard to put back on.  It needs a simple screw and nut to
hold 2 of the metal bars in place.  This has nothing to do with the
age of the elevator and is just common repair sense.  It just needs
some TLC with a new switch and some basic hardware.

It's sad to see how little work or care has been put into this repair.
The LL just doesn't have any incentive since the sweatshop on the
second floor moved out and the new business there doesn't need an

If my health permits I will try and just fix it myself this week or
next week.  I would need assistance with someone who can climb a
ladder and help in there, so LMK if someone wants to volunteer for
this.  I've looked inside the call box before and I bet the buttons to
call it up floors just came loose again (there was gum and a quarter
holding them together when I opened it years ago...I also replaced all
the stripped screws back then).  Also, if anyone has any info on the
repair company that looked at this I'd love to chat with them to see
what they found inside the call box (if they opened it).

On the plus side, 5mof was a lot of fun and it was a great night once
I finally got up there.  Thanks to everyone who came out and


P.S. resending this from my other email since NB-Discuss is rejecting
my hotmail address for some reason.

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