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I would rather noisebridge paid someone to fix it for liability reasons.
This is similar to doing your own wiring in just how important it is to do
it right.  I am not trying to be be excellent, just trying to make sure we
do things in the most safe and proper way we can.

On Mon, Sep 11, 2017, 6:04 PM Zach R <organicunity at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hey all,
>   Just want to give an update for those that might need the elevator to
> enter NB in the coming days and also to ask for assistance in doing repairs.
> I went to NB last night for 5mof and was trapped in the elevator for
> nearly 20 minutes.  Someone taped over the buzzer on the outside that lets
> people know you need assistance.  The elevator is really not very
> functional and it is very dangerous.  Eventually someone ran upstairs to
> help and I was able to get the elevator to call by holding the inside gate
> with my hand against the frame /while the elevator moved/.  To say this is
> dangerous is one heck of an understatement.
> The landlord has apparently done next to nothing for this repair.  The
> gate (street facing) came loose off the track at one point and was
> extremely hard to put back on.  It needs a simple screw and nut to hold 2
> of the metal bars in place.  This has nothing to do with the age of the
> elevator and is just common repair sense.  It just needs some TLC with a
> new switch and some basic hardware.
> It's sad to see how little work or care has been put into this repair.
> The LL just doesn't have any incentive since the sweatshop on the second
> floor moved out and the new business there doesn't need an elevator.
> If my health permits I will try and just fix it myself this week or next
> week.  I would need assistance with someone who can climb a ladder and help
> in there, so LMK if someone wants to volunteer for this.  I've looked
> inside the call box before and I bet the buttons to call it up floors just
> came loose again (there was gum and a quarter holding them together when I
> opened it years ago...I also replaced all the stripped screws back then).
> Also, if anyone has any info on the repair company that looked at this I'd
> love to chat with them to see what they found inside the call box (if they
> opened it).
> On the plus side, 5mof was a lot of fun and it was a great night once I
> finally got up there.  Thanks to everyone who came out and presented.
> -Zach
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> Thank you all for the updates regarding the elevator.  I'm excited to be
> able to present tonight and access the space for this first time in almost
> 2 months.
> That said, please /please/ stop making comments about the age of the
> elevator, how "custom" it is, and whatever else that might refer to the
> "difficulty" the landlord faces in fixing it.
> When people comment about the age and custom style of the elevator, how
> "hard" it is to fix, etc. it implies that those of us with disabilities do
> not have the same rights as other people, including the right to access
> community spaces.  This really is very hurtful to read.  It makes us feel
> unwelcome in the community and unwanted, especially  if it happens to be
> troublesome to make us accommodations (which in this case isn't even a
> special accommodation).
> Legally, the landlord probably doesn't /have/ to do anything about it.  As
> usual, being a disabled person in SF means I can travel pretty much
> nowhere.  This isn't any one person's fault.  But it sucks waiting months
> to access one of the very few wheelchair accessible community spaces in SF
> (and let's face it, one of the most awesome places in the world).
> I very much appreciate Trent and Jarrod's work around this issue and for
> taking the time to update the list with the repair progress.  Maybe I'm
> just too sensitive about access right now since I am confined to a
> wheelchair.  it's hard to be objective about something like that when you
> are living it every day.  It would be nice to actually have advocates for
> people with disabilities though.  I received a few individual comments of
> support that were greatly appreciated.  It would be nice to have more
> people on the side of access + support.
> Sincerely,
> -Zach
> P.S. sorry to bring this up during the 10-year celebration.  I felt like
> this is something that really needed to be said though.  I will be there
> tonight if anyone wants to have a polite discussion about this issue.
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