[Noisebridge-jobs] Job: Rainforest Nonprofit seeks Tubes Content Ninja

Reed Kennedy reed at pachamama.org
Thu Nov 5 09:41:50 PST 2009

Save the world from an office chair.

-Us- The Pachamama Alliance is the Voltron of non-profits. By day we
fight for the rights of the indigenous Achuar people of the Amazon
rainforest. Then we transform into a worldwide crusader, working to
wake first-world people up and get them to stop trashing the joint.
Learn more about us: www.awakeningthedreamer.org and www.pachamama.org

-You- You will have noticed one of those sites sucks. We're working on
that. We need help. We've got a top designer tackling the design, and
that means it's content time!

-The Gig- Your technical title will be Online Content Manager. If you
can come up with a better title, you can have that one too.

This stunning work will be yours to do:
1) Light tech writing. We use BitTorrent to distribute large files
online. You get to write up pages explaining how to download 'em.
Perhaps articles on posting videos to Vimeo and that sort of thing as
2) Basic HTML. You'll take our content and plug it into Joomla and/or
Wordpress while making it look damn fine. You'll also maintain our
3) Copywriting. Do you kick ass at connecting with people via the
magical power of the written word? Making folks think? Getting 'em
fired up? For the right person, there will be opportunities to create
content for our site and possibly blog for us. Got that fire in you?
Get in touch.

-Mandatory Awesome-
If you're gonna rock this Casbah, then:
HTML: You two are friends. It's not awkward.
Wikis: Come naturally to you.
CMS: You will not ask me what that means.
Torrents: You can find me a copy of Watchmen without going to Blockbuster.
Writing: It is the heavy metal to your inner Jack Black.
Google: It is how you avoid asking dumb questions.

-Extra Credit Awesome-
Previous web work: You have a portfolio, and you can show it to me
without blushing.
Blog: You have one. You've updated it sometime this year.
The Movement: You're so excited by the prospect of getting paid to
save the rainforest that it makes you kind of uncomfortable.

Pay is $15-20 an hour depending on experience. Currently part time,
about 20 hours a week. If you sit still, keep quiet, and wait to be
told what to do, that is likely how it will remain. However, if you
roll up your sleeves and make the excellent reality, there's room to

Send me your resume and / or other powerful proof that you are
amazing: reed at pachamama.org

Reed Kennedy
IT Administrator
The Pachamama Alliance
(415)561-4522 x108

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